Personal info

Gwen, Romiee, Almost

Socials: Gwen#4260 , @romieeheartsyou
Basic rundown: anthro, feral, humans
Birthday: Feb 6th
Pronouns: She/Her/It

Basic Informations
When asking...
When it comes to bigger pieces, I do take longer as a Highschool student with extra curriculars ontop of that. I can get busy, but I will give notice to when I will not be working on your commission. If it takes me longer then 2 months to complete your small/medium size commission, you have my permission to yell and scream at me and spam me. I will send you progress updates and sketch ideas, your satisfaction is one of my priorities when doing commissions. If there is something you do not like on the piece it is your responsability to tell me ASAP as I cannot go back and fix you commission once done. I do not do commissions for people who do not have adequate references, even a "gold star" sketch is good enough for me if you are not an artist, but I need exact colors and ideas, not vague discriptions. Prices are non-negotiable, I do put my commissions on sale during summer. I do NOT do refunds, once payed for there is no turning back. Payment is expected after a sketch is chosen and you are shown a cleaned up sketch.
When asking about suggestive clothing please keep in mind I do NOT live alone, and I am a minor, I can do things like titty windos, thongs showing, and bras, but I cant do kink wear or things like that. When asking about edits, I make them very cheap, never over 30r because theyre super simple like making characters look like you and youre s/o or something. When it comes to show fanart i obviously dont do anything NSFW, but I also dont do things like country humans, hentai (even with plot sorry), or anything problematic or extremely cringe.
When asking about complex characters you need to think "If I look at my character from across my bathroom does it turn into a blurry ball of bright colors?" if yes please ask if I can do your character, I hate to turn down paying clients but if your character is covered head to toe in kandi accessories and over decorated like a danganronpa tiktok cosplayer on steroids... please dont. If you ask me for real life people, say actors, your teachers, streamers, youtubers, the president, I will NOT do them, because I have a little fear that the person will see it.. ok maybe ill do the president..... or jerma... BUT THATS IT! If its your friends and you, or your teachers give you written permission.. show me a signature, I will draw it.
D&Dnt + Prices
NITRO (NOT CLASSIC more below)
  • Anthros
  • Ferals
  • Reptiles
  • Humans
  • Suggestive clothing (ask first)
  • Gore
  • Manga panels
  • Edits (see above)
  • Specific Poses
  • Body horror + monsters
  • NSFW
  • Borderline fetish
  • Propaganda
  • Certain show fanart (ask)
  • Oc designs
  • Too complex ocs (ask)
  • Political
  • Real people (unless its you+irls)
  • Hate art
  • Too vague (ask)
  • Headshot - $10 (one month)
  • Halfbody + arms - $15 (one month classic + one month)
  • Full body - $20
  • Manga panels - $15 (depends on length)
  • Short animations (see above) - $15
  • Full body with intricate background - $30
  • 3 or more characters - $40 + $10 per added character
  • Banners (for websites, ect) - $5 (or more for complex)
  • Dicord emotes/stickers - $10 for 2 stickers and 5 emotes
  • Character reference sheets - $25
  • Headshot - 800r
  • Halfbody + arms - 1200r
  • Fullbody - 1600r
  • Manga panels - 1200r
  • Short animations - 1200r
  • Full body with intricate background - 2400r
  • 3 or more characters - 3200r + 800 per added character
  • Banners - 400r
  • Discord emotes/stickers - 800r
  • Character ref sheets - 2000r

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